Pliko - Tool-free, Double-sided SEG backlit Fabric Display

Tool-free, double-sided SEG backlit fabric lightbox sets up in just 10 minutes!

What is a backlit fabric lightbox?

A backlit fabric lightbox comprises a fabric frame and silicone edge graphic (SEG) fabric. The fabric is stretched around the frame and is lit up from within for a high-impact result that can be used to display a visual of your product at a trade show.

Sets up in just 10 minutes!

1. Unpack, unfold and connect light strips 2. Install Fabric and support pole 3. Rotate feet, raise frame and plug into an outlet

Download printable assembly instructions


Folding aluminum frame
107 13/16” x 91 13/16”
(2738 x 2332 mm)
*Dimensions must be approved by the graphic provider
*SEG to be used only with Agam compatible silicon strip
108” x 92” x 8″
2743 x 2337 x 203 mm
11” x 17” x 66”
280 mm x 432 mm x 1676 mm
Frame – 35lbs (15.9kg)
Frame + Case – 55lbs (35kg)
Plikó is backed with a limited 1-year warranty that all the hardware will be free from physical defects in materials or workmanship under conditions of ordinary use by the original owner.

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