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Konnect counter system with pieces in background

Tool-free | Sets up in 2 minutes | Holds up to 400 lbs

What is a trade show counter?

A trade show counter adds a practical, sleek component to any trade show display. With inside storage shelves, a lockable door, and a countertop, your clients can easily interact with potential customers at their next trade show. Pop up counters are perfect for product display, business transactions and reception counters.

How does the Konnect Counter System work?

Fabricated from sheet aluminum, Agam’s lightweight, knock-down Konnect Counter System sets up fast and easy and holds up to 400 lbs!

  1. Lock each of the 4 sides into place
  2. Insert shelving
  3. Secure countertop into place

The Konnect Counter System be used as:  

  • A trade show reception counter
  • A demonstration counter
  • A kiosk counter
  • A promotion counter
  • A product display counter

Unique Locking Clips

The Konnect Counter System’s unique locking clips secure the counter sides and base into place eliminating the need for tools.

Full Customization

Help your clients stand out with a custom branded counter, perfect for product display, business transactions and lockable storage. Choose from a single or double configuration. Next, choose your paint finish and countertop. Accessorize with charging ports, tablet holders, accent lights and more!

(23″ x 23″ x 39.5″h)
(23″ x 46″ x 39.5″h)
(23″ x 46″ x 39.5″h)
gray konnect counter gray konnect counter double configuration

Standard Paint Finishes


Custom finishes available upon request. Select a custom color from our RAL color chart:

View Swatches – RAL Color Chart

Standard Countertop Finishes


Not sure where to start?

Let our team guide you through the process.

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Konnect Brochure Cover

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