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Agam Max

Agam Max, is Agam’s wholesale, white-label manufacturing solution for complete exhibit fabrication. Purchase and rental options available. Services include:

  • Engineering

  • Warehousing

  • Structure

  • Cladding

  • Staging

  • Graphics

  • AV and Lighting Integration

  • Custom Crating and Skidding

  • Set-up Drawings

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Who is Agam Max For?

  • Designers and builders of modular spaces for exhibits, retail environments, and office interiors.

  • Smaller organizations with limited capabilities that want to leverage outsourcing to accelerate growth.

  • Medium and larger companies that need additional capacity for peak production periods or to fuel growth.

  • Organizations with no internal production that have chosen outsourcing as their business model.

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Financial Benefits

  • Lock in predictable margins with fixed pricing, eliminating the risks of internal overruns.

  • Accommodate growth without increasing personnel, facility or capital investments.

  • Improve your competitive advantage and sales with extended capability and capacity.

  • Rent exhibits without carrying rental inventory.

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Pre-designed Kits Available

Pre-designed kits are available for rental or purchase. There are 19 Island and Inline kits available to choose from.



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Designs can be customized to best match the aesthetic and functional needs of your clients. Whether it be finishes, graphic opportunities, added elements, or accessories, we can walk you through the different options.