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We Build What You Imagine

40 Years of Leadership For 40 years Agam has been a market leader in helping designers and developers of unique, compelling, and memorable trade shows and events realize their design vision.

Retail is being redefined. We can help. “Set-it-and-forget-it” planograms and environments no longer define retail spaces. The growth of new retail concepts, store-within-a-store experiences, cashier-less stores, pop-ups, consumer expectations, and more is redefining what EXACTLY a retail space is today…and tomorrow.

Few industries are undergoing as dramatic a change as healthcare. The result of all this upheaval is the need for new healthcare service delivery configurations, many in non-traditional spaces. It requires significant flexibility and adaptability to respond to fast-moving changes in technology, care, and consumer expectations.

No matter how you define an “office”, we can help. The definition of “the workplace” has changed dramatically and not just temporarily. With firms still working through which models best meet their business goals (fully in-office, hybrid, purely remote), every aspect of the workplace is being reimagined – especially the office itself.

Whether you design exhibits, workspaces, retail environments, healthcare facilities or other configurable spaces – spaces that need to be capable of adjusting to changes in location, circumstance, or even human behavior – you’ve too often been forced to make uncomfortable trade-offs.

You and your designs deserve better.


Agam is the next-generation manufacturing partner for designers of adaptable physical spaces that builds customized structures fast through its unique combination of solutions, capabilities, and craftsmanship.

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Unlimited Design Possibilities

Unlimited design possibilities that come from a combination of modular systems and flexible solutions that are fully customizable to ensure your design intent is never compromised.

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Quick Turnaround

Speed that comes from a culture built to solve problems fast and a breadth of manufacturing capabilities that greatly reduces the time needed to build and install what you imagine.

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Quality Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship that spans 40 years of precision, in-house engineering with flawless execution.

Endless design options, combined with unmatched in-house manufacturing capabilities and expert design and engineering craftsmen, all add to your ability to quickly and confidently realize the fullness of your design vision without sacrificing speed, customization, or quality.

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