cable beam system

Massive spans without the rigging

Take advantage of overhead real estate and avoid expensive rigging fees with Agam’s Cable Beam System – allowing spans up to 40’ between posts without any sagging. Determine the overall beam length/height and Agam will handle all the structural design work.

  • ZERO structural sag


  • Easily allows for fabric cladding or rigid panels


  • Fully customizable with most Agam extrusions to     any length up to 40′ and any height up to 8′


Quick, easy assembly

Using a combination of galvanized 3/16” aircraft cable, gusset plates, reinforced in-line connectors, and high- strength turnbuckles each beam is preassembled. Simply align the sections and connect.



1 Toggle Jaw


2 Jaw to Swage Turnbuckle


3 Aircraft Cable, 3/16″


4 Inline Connector FH1081  Gusset Plate


Not sure where to start?

Let our team guide you through the process.

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