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cable beam system

Create a custom trade show display for

your client’s next trade show.

What is a cable beam system?

A cable beam system is an overhead component to a trade show exhibit that can span up to 40 feet between posts. The structurally sound cable beams ensure there is never any sagging. Additionally, it allows you to bypass trade show rigging fees, while maintaining an eye-catching trade show booth design.

Massive spans without the rigging

Let us help your most creative trade show booth ideas come to life. Take advantage of overhead real estate and avoid expensive rigging fees with Agam’s Cable Beam System – allowing spans up to 40’ between posts without any sagging. Determine the overall beam length/height and Agam will handle all the structural design work.

Trade Show Rigging Cable Beam System
Cost $$$$
Needs to be paid at each trade show.
One-time cost for purchasing that can be used for years.
Set up Complex
Requires additional coordination with third parties.
Can be assembled on site with no outside assistance needed.
Versatility Rigid
Rigging components are limited to their single function.
Can be customized to fit different trade show booth sizes.

Bring your clients’ trade show exhibit design to the next level with our cable beam system.

  • ZERO structural sag


  • Easily allows for fabric cladding or rigid panels


  • Fully customizable with most Agam extrusions to     any length up to 40′ and any height up to 8′


Quick, easy assembly

Using a combination of galvanized 3/16” aircraft cable, gusset plates, reinforced in-line connectors, and high- strength turnbuckles each beam is preassembled. Simply align the sections and connect.



1 Toggle Jaw


2 Jaw to Swage Turnbuckle


3 Aircraft Cable, 3/16″


4 Inline Connector FH1081  Gusset Plate


Not sure where to start?

Let our team guide you through the process.

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