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Tool-Free, Easy to Install Frame System


With Nexus, you can build pre-engineered, modular structures with ease. Interconnecting frames come in standard and custom sizes allowing for full flexibility of design, scope and scale.

  • Tool-free for quick installation

  • Standard and custom parts for unlimited design

  • Reconfigurable for changing needs

  • Lightweight for easy handling

  • Hard and soft surfacing options

  • Compatible with entire Agam system

Elegant Frame Design that Lets in the Light


Use Nexus Vue with our standard Nexus frames to create openness to your structures. Vue frames are perfect for bringing light into conference rooms and offices.

  • Use as full frames, clerestory, or traditional windows

  • Accepts 1/4” thick or 1/8” thick glass or acrylic

  • Two types of hardware depending on desired aesthetic

  • Seamlessly connects to standard Nexus frames

  • Apply graphic treatments for semi-private look

  • Powder coat to practically any color

miter frame

Standard Nexus Frame

Standard Vue Frame

Simple In-Line Connector

Vue Assembly

Low Profile Connector

fabric frame pulled up

Apply Hard or Soft Panel Surfacing

Nexus Vue

For Transparent or Translucent Glass or Acrylic

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