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Traditional displays are rapidly being replaced by fabric frames, or Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG). Why SEG Fabric Frames? They are lighter in weight, easier to install, offer quick assemble, and fully customizable.

How SEG Works?

Starting from the corners, fold the (SEG) fabric edge and insert the gasket into the channel of the frame.

Continue inserting the (SEG) fabric edge while working your way toward the center from each corner.

How to Order?

With a wide variety of styles and modular component design, SEG fabric frames are incredibly versatile.

Customize and accessorize them to fit your brand. Because graphics can be switched out in minutes,
fabric frames are perfect for ever-changing visuals and environments. Choose which look is best for you!

Choose Frame Style:
Decide between single and double-sided, backlit or non-backlit, and whether your design is going on the wall, floor, or ceiling.

Select Sizing, Finish, and Accessories:
Customize the frame to your needs with size and color. Special sizing options are available upon request.

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Fabric Frame


Fabric Frame


Fabric Frame


Fabric Frame


Fabric Frame


Fabric Wall


Fabric Frame

SEG is a high-resolution tension graphic held in place via a thin silicone gasket sewn around the edges of the fabric.

SEG Fabric Frames are specifically designed to meet the demand for high-volume retail roll-outs, for large format needs, and high-impact visual marketing. As always, the AGAM System is engineered around a wide variety of interlocking aluminum extrusions and can easily be customized to create your design.

The dye-sublimation printing process ensures a vibrantly saturated and high-resolution result.

Installation is tool-free and takes minutes. Quickly change out graphics any time to update an environment.

More coverage area for less money. Frames can be reused and rearranged to create several different looks.

Graphics can be applied to most surfaces, including mounted on the wall, ceiling, or freestanding.

Fabric is lightweight and can be neatly folded, which takes up much less space than traditional direct print graphics.



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