Agam is Thrilled to Unveil its New Innovation in Prefabricated Modular Structures

Their new modular systems are specifically designed and engineered for corporate, retail, and healthcare interiors.

Elkridge, MD: Agam, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated interior structures, recently unveiled new innovations to its modular system. These prefabricated structures are assembled with Agam’s Nexus panel system, which connects with minimal tools, allowing for easy and quick installation.

Agam’s Nexus panel system allows structures to be re-configured and added onto as needs change over time. This is in contrast to traditional construction, where changes and modifications require tearing down and rebuilding. The panel system is designed for use in industrial, commercial, and healthcare settings. They can be used in everything from offices, and conference rooms to retail spaces, and exam rooms.

These structures are modular, lightweight, and easy to install and offer strong, easy-to-clean surfaces in a variety of colors. They also offer sound attenuation, reinforced interiors for hanging cabinets or monitors, modular wiring for easy installation, and one junction box for a single live hook-up. 

The Agam Nexus panel system is lightweight, durable, and requires minimal structural support. The panels come in a variety of sizes that can be combined together to create any shape or size desired. What’s more, these partitions come with Nexus Vue frames that accommodate ¼” thick glass or acrylic to allow plenty of natural light into the workspace without sacrificing privacy or security.

They also feature reinforced interiors that allow for hanging cabinets or monitors and modular wiring for easy installation and one junction box for a single live hook-up. The ceiling grid system can be used when higher sound control is necessary. The design of the Agam system makes it easy for users to modify the building plans, which means less cost and less waste. Agam is proud of this release, as it is a step toward continuing their mission of providing innovative solutions for business owners and facility executives.