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About Us

  • componentA2_about_01_imageWith the Agam Modular Display System, industrial designers and builders can define space, create forms, and achieve attractive structures by combining extrusions, accessories, finishes and panels.

Agam Modular Display System

Agam Modular Display System is a line of pre-engineered extrusions and components interlocking together. AGAM is ready to help you create a custom system to fulfill your visionary designs all within a compact deadline.
Located on the East Coast, Agam manages 100+ specialized machines that are part of the manufacturing and design process. Agam arranges timely delivery of your customized solutions to a domestic or global marketplace.

The Original

Agam Group, Ltd. is the original equipment manufacturer of an Aluminum Modular Display System. Located in the Baltimore, Maryland / Washington, D.C. corridor, the Agam Group houses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, enabling swift, high-quality standard and custom fabrications. Interchangeable components permit the design of structures for use in not just displays, but other various industries as well.

Social Responsibility

Agam is fully committed to its social responsibilities and has been hiring and training young people to become specialists in sales, project management, design, engineering, and multiple technical areas for decades.