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Aluminum Machining Center

  • With four controlled axes, Agam’s Aluminum Milling Center becomes a versatile tool in the fabrication of custom parts.

Precision and Efficiency

Agam's Extrusion Machining center is CNC driven, with 4 controlled axes, and can machine pieces up to 3 meters. It has an automatically positioned clamp unit, and also an 8 position tool magazine. This can host 2 angular units and one milling disc, so as to perform machining on up to 5 sides of a piece. The presence of the continuous rotary work table (CN axis) allows us to work at any angle from - 90° to + 90° and on the two ends with double-outlet angular unit, with the table at 0°.

Equipment Overview

  • Aluminum Machining Center

    The Phantomatic, shown above, can process extrusions up to 5 meters in length, and rotate said extrusion 180° left and right. Extrusions can be drilled, milled, tapped, and cut on each face of the profile.

  • Precision and Efficiency

    What makes this machine unique is its continuously rotating work table, which allows machining from -90° to +90° on extrusions up to 120” in length.

  • The Aluminum Machining Center makes quick work of custom slots.

  • Precision milling long lengths of aluminum is no problem.

Video Gallery

Aluminum Machining Center Examples

Here are examples of what's recently been made using the Aluminum Machining Center.
  • Custom slots
  • componentC1_capabilities_specialFab_aluminumMachiningCenters_slider1_02_imagePrecision milling
  • Door Handle Component Area Milling
  • Side CBX Milling

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