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Design Ideas

With the Agam Modular Display System, design ideas are limitless. To help visualize what’s possible, here’s some of our creative concepts for inspiration.

Recent Design Ideas

These brand-new design ideas are a range of quickly developed concepts from our talented design team.

  • Retail & Product Experience Display

  • Wayfinding & Signage

  • Tables & Counters

  • Tradeshow Exhibit

  • Tradeshow Exhibit

  • Retail Environment

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w27_image

    Retail Environment

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w26_image

    Tradeshow Exhibit

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w25_image

    Tradeshow Exhibit

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w24_image

    Tradeshow Exhibit

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w23_image

    Tradeshow Exhibit

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w22_image

    Tradeshow Exhibit

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w21_image

    Retail Environment

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w20_image

    Tradeshow Exhibit

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w19_image

    Product Experience Display

  • componentC3_designIdeas_DOTW_gallery1_2014w18_image

    Tradeshow Exhibit

Tradeshow Exhibits

Retail & Product Experiences

Featured Project

  • Completed Exhibit

    Safran 20′ x 20′ Exhibit

  • Featured Component: Curved Wall #1

    This features an internal structure of VS45-22 extrusions and outer curved VS45-1 extrusions bent using our CNC Roller Bending equipment.

  • Featured Component: Curved Wall #2

    This wall component features curved PH1003B extrusions bent using our CNC Roller Bending equipment.

  • Featured Component: SEG Door

    This door component is unique in the fact that it features a door frame made from our FH322 extrusion.  This allows for SEG to be used within the door panel, as opposed to other substrates.

  • Featured Component: Overhead Archway

    Featuring a number of special fabrication services, this archway utilized side CBX installation, welded FH corners, custom cutting and angles all with the FH1081 extrusion.  This entire section was intended to be modular, so that the individual components can easily assemble/disassemble for more efficient shipping and setup/take-down.

  • Featured Component: Suspended Overhead Wall

    Built from both FH1081 and FH1082 extrusions and reinforced with PH1003B, this overhead wall utilized eye-hook hanging hardware.


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