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Hospital Rooms

How do temporary medical structures work?

Mobile healthcare units can be set up using modular parts to create rooms of various sizes to accommodate different needs. Ideal for field hospitals or field clinics, these modular temporary structures can be set up quickly and easily with minimal tools.


Agam’s temporary structures are completely flexible and can be standardized or customized based on your specifications.  Structures can be fully enclosed and lockable or with opened front and curtain.



          • Temporary Hospital Rooms
          • Temporary Medical Tents
          • Nurses Stations
          • Temporary Offices
          • Storage Rooms
          • Temporary Outdoor Shelters

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Sets Up Quickly Without Tools

Indoor Use

Lockable Units & Lockable Portable Counters

Modular & Scalable to Any Size

Electrical & data cabling hook up options

Flexible interior

Not sure where to start?

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