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  • componentA2_capabilities_tapping_01_imageTapping is the action of creating a thread in a piece of material, most commonly metal such as steel or aluminum. AGAM does approximately 1 million tapping cycles a year for various parts and multiple applications for its customers.

Semi-Automatic Tapping

AGAM owns 2 semi-automatic tapping machines.

  • Depending on the tap, the operator will change the tapping head, with a pitch matching the tap size. After tapping is completed on the part, the machine has an automatic reverse cycle to extract the tap from the part.
  • These machines have a powerful motor, driving multiple heads to complete 3 taps in one cycle. Such jigging aligns the parts perfectly and warrants accurate operations.

Flex Tapping Machines

AGAM also operates 3 flex tapping machines. Such machines eliminate setup in a conventional milling machine, and reduce material handling by articulating the tapping head over the work piece.
  • Typically, AGAM will cut thousands of parts on the Laser Cutting Center. Then, on┬ásuch sheets of parts, an operator will tap each individual hole cut to the proper size.
  • Such arms are air-powered, and have a self-reverse mode to extract the tap from the piece.

Technical Guidelines

Prior to tapping, a hole needs to be drilled at a lower diameter, slightly larger than the minor diameter of the corresponding male thread.
  • The above┬áchart illustrates the drill size for a tap for the metric system.

  • Alternatively, this second chart corresponds with the imperial system.

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