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Machining Centers

  • componentA2_capabilities_specialFab_machiningCenters_01_imageAgam owns two vertical machining centers. Both are used to make parts as well as customized drilling and milling patterns on extrusions.

Exacting Precision and Advanced Automation.

Each machine has a bed equipped with a number of vises; pieces are clamped and then machined according to a preset program.

Bridgeport Machining Center

  • Agam’s Bridgeport Machining Center travels 28” (710mm) by 16” (400mm) by 17” (430mm) bed with a spindle head operating at 10,000 rpm speed and a 20 tool changer.
  • We typically preload such tool carousels with different size drills, a few countersinking heads, 5 or 6 taps, and a few mill cutters.
  • The machine is programmed through G-code, a language that our factory trained technician has fully mastered. We also own and use CamWorks software which converts both SolidWorks and AutoCAD drawings into G-code. (For more information, please visit the software section.)

Haas Machining Center

  • Agam’s Haas Machining Center is a larger machine that is more specialized in high-volume part production, thanks to a rotary table.
  • This rotating table speeds up the production of parts, which are rotated through a 4th axis without an additional setup.
  • With a 1524mm (60”) x 660mm (26”) bed, this machine can operate longer pieces for customers. CNC machining centers are tremendous tools for servicing customers with fast turnaround times, competitive pricing and design flexibility.

Machining Center Media Gallery

Machining Center Examples

  • Insert Block
  • CBX76
  • Insert Block
  • Insert Block

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