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Copy Router

  • The Copy Router is used to mill slot(s) on the face of an extrusion using a template. This allows AGAM to repeatedly produce parts to the same spec.

Equipment and Process

  • A typical template for milling key holes on an extrusion face.
  • The tool can travel 314mm (12.4″) on the X axis, 120mm (4.7″) on the Y axis, and 175mm (6.9″) on the Z axis. The milling head rotates at 10,000 rpm.
  • The machine uses pneumatic clamps to hold the extrusion in place, and a spray mist coolant system to ensure proper lubrication during the routing process.
  • A ‘finger’ follows the pattern of the template, and a cutting head will duplicate such patterns on the extrusion.
  • If the need for a new/custom template arises, Agam’s industrial designers will design, engineer, and fabricate the template using the Laser Cutting Center.

Copy Router Example Gallery

  • PH2000 with custom cut shapes
  • PH1003 with custom shapes
  • FH452 with Side CBX Installation

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