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Powder Coating

  • With a 75-foot long oven, the entire automated track circuit measures close to 200 feet long.
  • Powder coating is a coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The coating is applied electrostatically and is cured under heat, allowing it to flow and form a ‘skin’.

An Eco-Friendly Process That’s Controlled Entirely In-House.

All powder coating is performed in-house with our powder coating booth and 75-foot (25-meter) conveyorized oven.

Because no carrier fluid evaporates, the coating process emits few volatile organic compounds (VOC) and is deemed environmentally friendly.

All powder coating is performed in-house with our powder coating booth and conveyorized oven.

Equipment and Process

Agam does powder coating in-house.
  • Agam uses an electrostatic gun to spray the powder. This gun imparts a positive electric charge to the powder, which is sprayed towards the grounded object by mechanical or compressed air. This powerful electrostatic charge is accelerated toward the parts to be coated.
  • When a thermoset powder is exposed to elevated temperature, it begins to melt, flows out, and chemically reacts to form a higher molecular weight polymer in a network-like structure. This cure process, called crosslinking, requires a certain temperature for a certain length of time in order to reach full cure and to establish the full film properties for which the material was designed. Agam cures most powders at 410°F for 15 minutes, but the curing schedule may vary according to different types of powder.
  • To achieve a curing time of 10 minutes, Agam has built a 75-foot (25-meter) convection oven. The parts are run through the oven via a conveyor which runs at 4 feet per minute (1.20 meters per minute), an automated process which achieves the required baking time.

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