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Laser Cutting Center

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State-Of-The-Art Equipment. Unmatched Expertise.

Laser metal fabrication is a technology which brings custom-designed parts to market, without costly and time-consuming tooling processes. Agam controls and operates a laser machine with two factory-trained technicians, who work closely with designers to bring expertise and reliability to the process.

Agam’s Laser Cutting Center is a 50,000 pound machine with a 50' by 30' footprint.

Specifications and Process

The cutting process is done using a laser beam delivered through an optical lens. The process delivers extremely accurate parts with a clean edge cut.
  • The automatic loader has 12 suction cups that pick up sheets from the left side of the machine and place them one-at-a-time on the bed. Parts are then cut automatically through the CNC process.
  • The unloader picks up completed parts from the bed and places them on a customized pallet, located to the right of the machine.
  • The bed of the machine can accommodate aluminum and steel sheets in various thicknesses, up to 3000mm by 1500mm (10’ by 5’).
  • The laser uses two gases, depending on the type and thickness of the material being cut. Laser cutting with nitrogen is intended for applications where oxidation is not wanted. When nitrogen is used as the cutting gas, the laser beam melts the material, and the nitrogen blows away the molten material from the cutting groove.
  • Oxygen is used as a cutting gas mainly for non-alloyed and low-alloyed steels.
  • The jet of cutting gas oxidizes the material melted by the laser beam and blows away the melt and slag from the cutting groove. Oxidization is an exothermic (heat-generating) process, which produces extra heat. This speeds up the cutting and enables the laser to cut thicker materials.
  • The values above create a high-quality, burr-free cut surface. Parts are then ready to be moved to the next manufacturing phase.

AGAM uses its Laser Cutting Center to cut parts.
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